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3. If you have a domain name, then enter your domain name. Else enter new domain name (You will get free domain name).
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5. All done.

Why choose iPage hosting ?

iPage Hosting – A Complete review

iPage is actually quite popular in their field of business. They have been providing their hosting services for a pretty long time; they have started providing this service since 1995. Throughout this long time iPage hosting actually have gone through many difficulties and also earned a lot of experience and that is why you can expect better service from them unlike others.

ipage couponMany users are using the services offered by iPage and more or less all of them are satisfied. Maybe they are the only company around with pretty awesome hosting plans that starts at $2.95/month and you get premium features like unlimited hosting, bandwidth, space, email addresses etc. at this low cost. They are capable of handling a wider range of systems and makes sure that you get flawless service with their web hosting. And the best thing about them is, they provide online coupons, named iPage coupon. These iPage coupon will get you huge rate of discounts, you can even expect to get a huge discount of 78% from them! And if you get such a bigger iPage discount, what would stop you from subscribing for their service? There should be nothing.

iPage offers everything that a customer would be looking for more reliable web hosting. They have an easy to easy control panel where the customers will easily be able to control their website from. With a little bit of training and exploring around, you will easily get to know all the functionalities inside the cpanel. The customer service for iPage customers is highly preferred because you will get their service no matter which time you knock them. And, you almost get an insurance that your website is never going to be down – unless something unstoppable happens. The technical employees of iPage are smart enough to find out and isolate down all your problems and solve them within minutes. All these awesomeness at a cheap rate – what else would a website hosting customer would want?


Being established in 1995, and into full scale service from 1998, iPage has gone through a long way. They know how things happen in this industry – they know almost everything about these. They are considered to be one of the biggest internet web hosting sites and they now have around 1 billion websites running in their hosting. Isn’t this number enough to make you wowed and give you a clear picture of their business skills? These 1 billion websites are hosted in more than 100 countries in the world. Since their beginning, iPage developed fast, achieved customer satisfaction providing quality service and everything proves them to be the best.

Activate Ipage Coupon – Ipage77OFF – Here

99.9% Server Uptime:

That is the official percentage they guarantee you of their server uptime which means your website will never show ‘page unavailable’. The more you are available online, the more your business will grow, the more you will gain popularity. Now, a company which has such a promising success rate, there’s no reason for them to not get billions of web sites hosted in their servers. Their services are worldwide but it is North America based, if you live nearby it might be convenient for you to get their service but a thousand miles distance will really not make any bigger difference. iPage works the hardest to always keep their service running, and if something ever happens, the experienced staffs will fix it up in quickest possible time.

Web hosting services are directly customer oriented services, iPage is no different. Their FAQ is rich enough to answer all your questions and if you still don’t find your query answered there, then just head up for their direct customer support.

ipage-couponiPage Coupon Codes

Probably the best thing about iPage is the iPage coupons which they offer through various affiliates and you can just avail the service using entering simple iPage coupon codes. Their marketing strategy is up to the mark and consumer oriented. Even some of these iPage discounts can get you $400 worth tools like Protection Suite, AdWords Credit, Premium support, Facebook Ads etc. And you will actually get these services 24/7, their state of the art Dell servers make these information transfer possible.

Along with the iPage coupon codes support, you also get a money back guarantee. So, suppose you are looking for iPage Promo Coupons. You head up for some affiliate websites, find some iPage Coupon Codes there and use these Coupon Codes when you buy service from iPage. Even the best things might not cater everyone’s needs, and if it ever happens with you that you don’t like iPage services, then you always have the option to unsubscribe and get your money back.

The refund is actually easier if you buy their service using the normal payment method. But you don’t have to be disappointed, there’s very little chance that you will not like their service. If you use iPage promo codes and ask for a refund, the amount you will get will be small. But from my own experience, I’ll still say that it’s wise to buy the services using the iPage Promo Codes so that you get up to 78% iPage Discount while buying their services. Yes, you’ll get a little less amount back if you ever ask for a refund, but that’s actually worth it.

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Rating: 9.5/10 Strongly Recommended By 381 Users

Wrap Up

We tried to give you a brief idea on iPage hosting. We understand how important web hosting has become these days, and it’s actually a frustrating experience finding out the very best hosting service these days. In our tests, iPage hosting actually passed all the tests and left us highly satisfied. Also, the iPage coupon which is a part of their business strategy impressed us. Above all, we would highly recommend that you choose iPage for your web hosting.

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